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07 Sep 2020
Digital Exhibitions continue with Shoedex
Turkey’s and the World’s first digital shoe exhibition “Shoedex” for shoes, bags...
25 Aug 2020
Turkish Leather Products Application is available in app store and play store
The mobile application, Turkish Leather Products, prepared by the Aegean Leather and Lea...
17 Aug, 2020
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Online Press Meeting - Shoedex 2020, Statistics

Shoedex Will Be Organized For The Second Time In October
Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association organized Turkey's first digital exhibition, Shoedex 2020 between June 1 -  4,2020. Statistics related to Turkey's first digital exhibition was shared with the public at a online press conference.

EIB will make the national participation organization of China International Import Fair
Aegean Exporters Association (AEA) Coordinator Chairman Mr. Jak Eskinazi mentioned that 7 of the 12 associations operate in the agricultural sectors in AEA. Mr.Eskinazi mentioned that the share of agricultural products in the exports made by EIB during the pandemic period was 45 % in April and 44 % in May respectively.

“During the pandemic period, our export of agricultural products has increased. We expect the demand for safe food will continue to increase in coming months. Therefore, with the support of the Ministry of Trade, we organized "Dubai Food Products Virtual Sectoral Trade Mission" on July 7-9, 2020. Our 21 food exporter members have applied to the organization. We aimed for companies from fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, olives, olive oil, canned goods, seafood, dairy products to hold bilateral business meetings with important buyers located in Dubai and Gulf countries. We also started preparations for a digital fair for the food industry."

Eskinazi also shared a suprise development during the meeting and said, "Aegean Exporters' Associations will organize the national participation organization of the International Import Fair, which will be held for the third time on November 5-10, 2020 in Shanghai, China."

Virtual Fair Preparations Started In Mining And Apparel sectors
Aegean Exporters Associations’ Coordinator Chairman Jak Eskinazi has informed the reporters about the preparations going on in the mining and apparel sectors to organize  virtual trade delegations and fairs. “As you know, we have declared 2020 as the Year of Sustainability in Aegean Exporters' Associations. We believe that we will ensure sustainability in exports in the Covid-19 process with the help of virtual fairs and virtual trade delegation organizations. I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Aegean Exporters' Associations for their support to our Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, who has made the necessary regulation changes and declared the new incentives about virtual trade delegations and membership to e-commerce sites to our exporters. ” said.

There Will Also Be Leather Garments At Shoedex In October.
Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association Chairman Mr. Erkan Zandar, "Almost the whole world was in a lock down and it was difficult to establish new contacts but we managed to bring ove 300 professional visitors from all 59 countries to an organization in Turkey." Zandar informed the reporters that the first feedbacks from exhibitors and visitors are very positive after Turkey's first virtual fair. 

“We were able to achieve the impossible within two months. We have been pioneers when there are many countries in the world that do not understand what this is. We received positive feedbacks from foreign institutions on social media and got a lot of messages about the next edition. We anticipate that Shoedex will likely be international. Due to the pandemic, there is no chance to sell shoe and leather goods in the world for the next 8 months. We have organized a key event for our exporters in an environment to increase their export volume. Shoedex will be held again on October 13-15 , 2020. The companies will bring their 2021 spring/summer collections to the buyers from all over the world. It's not just shoes and bags. There will also be leather garments section.’’

We Are Writing The Book Of Virtual Fairs In Turkey
Zandar added that Shoedex will become the most advanced shoe fair in the world and will continue after the fair ends.

“Our goal is to turn Shoedex into a virtual trading network. There is no virtual trading platform about leather products. Our goal is to make Shoedex a business, a virtual fair known throughout the world and a virtual trade network that everyone wants to attend. Our team is very strong, everyone is very well  focused. Our industry deserves a big thank. In three days, we have shown how 31 companies are digitalized quickly, everyone is cooperating by inviting their own customers and we are a strong industry. Also in Turkish Exporters Assembly Virtual Fair Committee, we work hard and we have serious preparations. We are writing the book of virtual fairs in Turkey. We will share this experience with all sectors so that it spreads to all sectors and the whole country.  We will also organize organizations related to agriculture, food, jewelery, air conditioning, marble and ready wear and textile sectors. We are meeting with the world's largest exhibition companies. These companies will be with us.”

Close to 5,800 Interactions
Informing that the number of visitors of the fair reached a maximum of 326 during the day, Zandar explained the 4-day statistics as follows:

“290-300 people visited the site. Since it is open to professionals, the number of visitors reached 326 during the day. 223 mutual video conferences took place on the platform. These were limited because the internet infrastructure in some countries was insufficient and their connections were unstabled. 326 visitors will be ready to meet the exhibitors as they visit  Shoedex in October, because they have already experienced and learned the system at the first fair. There were about 5,800 interactions. In other words, companies communicated by messaging. A mutual trade system is formed by meeting each other over the system and sending product photos via e-mail. This was the part that impressed us the most. It is a miracle for companies to meet new customers at such a time. "

Shoedex Will Become a Virtual Trading Network
Explaining that the fair was visited by professionals from 59 different countries, Chairman Erkan Zandar said, “We want to have physical fairs. The taste of the physical fair is not in the virtual fair, but it is wrong to wait in difficult times. We came to this point by thinking what we can do to keep this sector alive. If the purpose is to do business here, this time is used more effectively in digital. "

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